Anger Management

Anger Management in Orange County, California

Anger is a normal emotion that helps with protection from physical or emotional attacks. Expressions of anger can let others know their actions caused unhappiness. The ability to get angry helps to warn the aggressor against continued behavior.

However, anger can become a problem when it is too frequent or too intense. Anger can lead to negative consequences and increase the risk of physical and emotional health conditions.

Enhance Health Group understands rage can sometimes become a problem that requires therapy for anger management. No matter the cause of the intense and prolonged anger, we have developed treatment approaches and therapies that help.

When Does Anger Become a Problem?

Anger is a natural human emotion that protects people from what they consider wrongdoings. However, anger can become a problem for the individual and those around them.

Anger can become a problem when:

  • Anger is expressed regularly through destructive and unhelpful behavior
  • Experiencing a high intensity of anger often
  • Anger becomes an escape emotion that inhibits the  ability to experience other emotions
  • Anger affects overall relationships and productivity 
  • Healthy ways of dealing with anger are not developing

When anger becomes a problem, it can cause physical strain on the body and can lead to illnesses. Difficulties managing anger can cause experiences with an unhealthy activation of the nervous system. The nervous system can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Anger strains increase the risk of high hypertension and heart disease and can also affect the immune system.

Anger Leading to Negative Actions

Besides physical and emotional burdens on the body, anger leads to negative and sometimes criminal actions. When responding inappropriately to provocation, violence, and harm to others can occur.

The inappropriate response to anger may lead to:

  • Arrests due to acts of violence and assault
  • Job loss due to destruction of property or violating the ethical code of conduct
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Social isolation and alienation
  • Increasing feelings of guilt and shame after an angry episode

Even without acts of violence, inappropriate responses to anger can still lead to negative consequences.  Expressing anger through verbal abuse or intimidation can create fear in young people and family members. Mismanaged episodes of anger can also dilute trust and ruin relationships. 

What is Anger Management?

Anger management refers to strategies used to reduce the intensity of anger and its frequency. This treatment is used to create positive responses to situations that provoke anger. A good anger management strategy helps the patient stay calm during events that previously caused emotional anger. By managing their irritation, people develop positive ways of dealing with stressors and avoid the negative consequences of anger.

The rationale behind anger management is the realization that one may not eliminate instances that provoke annoyance. But, they can choose how they respond to such situations. There are several strategies for anger management. However, most anger management therapies focus on identifying stressors and cultivating positive responses to anger.

Therapies like anger management groups help people become aware of their emotions at every level of arousal. Anger management groups are led by professional facilitators and consist of 10-15 people working on managing their anger. You can contact us to get an anger management group near you or take a look at our anger management therapies.

Anger Management Group Therapy in Orange County, CA

Therapy for Anger Management

Anger management therapies help people recover from uncontrolled and prolonged anger and develop coping mechanisms. We have four anger management therapies to help individuals deal with their rage problems. However, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proved to be more effective in anger management.

CBT uses four approaches to managing anger:

  • Relaxation training: relaxation training helps one to manage anger by addressing the emotional and physiological components of anger.
  • Cognitive interventions: the cognitive intervention focuses on identifying the cues and triggers. This approach also addresses maladaptive beliefs to help the individual recover from intense and frequent anger episodes.
  • Communication skills interventions: under this intervention, patients learn communication and conflict resolution skills that reduce stressors or triggers.
  • Combined interventions: this approach integrates two or CBT interventions to produce a comprehensive anger management solution.

Our anger management therapies combine several CBT interventions tailored to address the specific needs of our patients. Through this approach, patients get help in understanding their triggers. While also developing coping mechanisms and using communication and conflict resolution skills to overcome provocation. 

Get Anger Management Help in Orange County

Angry outbursts can lead to regret, shame, and guilt without anger management Frequent experiences with anger can increase the risk of developing physical and mental health disorders. Through anger management, anger can be controlled with therapy and support. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with frequent anger, reach out to Enhance Health Group in Orange County, California today. Our team can answer any questions you may have and give you a better understanding of our outpatient mental health program.