Virtual Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a widespread mental health condition in the United States. There are millions of Americans of all ages who struggle with addiction. A 2020 study showed that about 37 million Americans aged 12 and older engaged in substance abuse. The risk of developing a substance disorder was notably higher among the younger users.

If individuals with addiction fail to treat the condition, it can significantly impact their daily life and relationships. Those battling drug or alcohol abuse can get virtual addiction treatment from Enhance Health Group in Orange County, California. We give comprehensive treatment that includes therapy and medications when need be.

What Is Substance Use Disorder (SUD)?

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental health condition often known as drug or alcohol addiction. It can impact the brain and behaviors of patients who cannot control substance use. Repeated substance abuse can cause issues at work, in the classroom, or relationships.

Alterations in brain structure and function can manifest through symptoms like:

  • Intense cravings
  • Personality changes
  • Deviant behaviors

Long-term addiction rehabilitation and relapse prevention call for treatment and ongoing care.

Treatment for Addiction

Anyone suffering from an addiction disorder needs to have access to proper treatment. The majority of patients may require lifetime treatment. They will have to refrain from the drug for the rest of their lives, which can be challenging. Addiction treatment programs will often adapt to the demands of the patient.

Several factors will affect treatment options for addiction, such as:

  • The type of addictive condition
  • The duration of use
  • The intensity of use
  • The effects of the addiction on the patient

A doctor will also take care of any medical side effects. Examples are liver illnesses in an individual with alcohol use disorder or lung problems in an individual with smoking addiction.

There are many treatment options available for SUD. Most patients will undergo a mix of these options to maximize their chances of recovery. The available options don’t work for everyone; we develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Common interventions may be either inpatient or outpatient programs that include:

  • Psychological therapy
  • Self-help groups
  • Medication

Inpatient treatments are commonly recommended for severe cases of addiction where a patient needs to be monitored closely. Outpatient options work best in the early stages of addiction or those who have progressed in their treatment. With the advancement in technology, outpatient treatments can also be available online.

Virtual Addiction Treatment

SUD patients can benefit from virtual treatment in the comfort and privacy of their homes by professionals from Enhance Health Group. They can get comprehensive outpatient care without getting to a rehab clinic. The availability of an online outpatient addiction care program will ensure more patients get treatment by overcoming many barriers.

Due to their regular duties and responsibilities, many people find it difficult to attend an in-person program routinely. People with addiction issues can get the necessary addiction treatment from home with the help of online recovery programs.

Benefits of Virtual Treatment

People have different reasons for preferring virtual therapy for addiction rather than in-person therapy. Patients can benefit from virtual SUD treatment due to the comfort and convenience of online services. Let’s get over some advantages of virtual care for addiction.

Accessible to Everyone

Virtual Treatment For Addiction in California

Virtual addiction treatment is much more feasible and approachable because it reduces accessibility barriers for:

  • People with disabilities
  • Those who live far from treatment facilities
  • Those who are unable to organize child care or transportation

People with chronic medical conditions may avoid in-person counseling sessions to reduce their risk of infectious diseases like COVID-19. Fortunately, individuals can access our addiction recovery specialists without leaving their homes.

The good thing is that insurance companies also pay for virtual addiction treatment for in-person therapy. Online therapy is cheaper than traditional therapy, increasing access to online care.


The convenience of virtual addiction therapy is one reason many individuals prefer online treatment. They are good to go as long as they have the following equipment.

  • A device with audio, camera, and internet, e.g., PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • A peaceful, private space

Anyone can quickly get addiction therapy from home using technologies they are already accustomed to. Virtual services are commonplace, especially for young people, making them more convenient. Moreover, it could seem more comfortable for some patients to meet with a therapist electronically than in person.

The convenience of online treatment goes beyond using familiar technology from home. Individuals no longer have to worry about making it to a session on time and other commuting issues. They can attend a session anytime, anywhere, provided they have the necessary privacy.


Inpatient programs take several measures to manage confidentiality and protect your identity. However, virtual addiction treatment adds an extra level of support for confidentiality. People with SUD could worry about running into someone they know when attending in-person sessions.

In our virtual program, individuals attend sessions from the privacy of their homes. The chance they meet people they do not want to know about their addiction problem is minimal. After all, online therapy is not exclusive to any geographical area. Therapy from home makes the patient’s issues as private as they would like them to be.

What Does Online Outpatient Addiction Treatment Offer?

Online treatment should offer the same services and benefits as traditional outpatient care.

The virtual addiction program from Enhance Health Group offers the following benefits:

  • HIPAA-compliant therapy sessions are delivered through virtual platforms (like zoom)
  • Two-way live video, phone communication or both
  • Evidence-based therapy that is delivered in a group setting
  • Psychiatrists who can write prescriptions if need be
  • Virtual therapy similar to in-person counseling

The structure of programs we deliver in person is the same as what we offer online. Using technology, mental health professionals may support virtual patients with the same degree of care.

Get Help with Virtual Addiction Treatment

Many people in the United States battle substance use disorders (SUD). The disorders have the potential to develop into crippling mental health conditions. Professional care can help reduce symptoms of SUD and establish long-term recovery.

Get in touch with Enhance Health Group in California to get help with drug or alcohol addiction. We have a virtual outpatient option if a patient has any issues that will make an in-person session challenging.