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Mental Health is a complex topic and it affects everyone differently, though there are common issues individuals face. Browse Enhance Health Group’s  Mental Health blog, self-tests, and more to find information and tips that may be more relevant to you or your loved one.


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LGBTQ-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers in New York: Enhance Health Group

Looking for LGBTQ-friendly drug rehab centers in New York? Enhance Health Group offers comprehensive inpatient drug and alcohol treatment for detox, substance abuse treatment for dual diagnosis clients, and inpatient drug and alcohol treatment for rehabilitation. Find out more about our LGBTQ-friendly services in the city that never sleeps.

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LGBTQ Friendly Addiction Treatment Centers in New York: Enhance Health Group

The Enhance Health Group provides LGBTQ friendly addiction treatment centers in New York, offering inpatient drug and alcohol treatment for detox, substance abuse treatment for dual diagnosis clients, and inpatient drug and alcohol treatment for rehabilitation. Contact us today for comprehensive and compassionate care.


Childhood ADHD Test Orange County CA

Childhood ADHD Test

Are you wondering, "does my child have ADHD?" Read here for symptoms, signs, and a quiz to help you decide if your child is suffering from ADHD.

Teen electronics addiction help in Orange County CA

Teen Electronics Addiction Test

Teen electronics addiction has increasingly become more of a problem. Take this self-test to find out if you have an electronics addiction and how to get help.

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Building Self-Esteem in Recovery Orange County CA

Building Self-Esteem in Recovery

Building self-esteem in recovery can be a daunting task, with time and the tips we give, it can be a seamless process. Read here to find out more!

COVID's effect on teen & adolescent mental health

COVID's Affects on Adolescents

Are you wondering how the pandemic is affecting your teen? Enhance Health Group explains how teen and adolescent mental health is faring during the pandemic.

Connection Between Eating Disorders & Depression in Orange County CA

Depression & Eating Disorders

For those with depression, a co-occurring eating disorder may make their symptoms worse and recovery more difficult. Enhance Health Group explains why.

Growing up with a Bipolar Mother in Orange County

Growing Up with a Bipolar Mother

The long-term effects of growing up with a bipolar mother can be challenging. Learn how to cope with this type of childhood and understand bipolar disorder.

Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing from Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can create lasting impacts into adult life. Neglect, abuse, and household dysfunction can lead to mental and physical health issues.

Managing Mental Health During the Holiday Season

Mental Health During the Holidays

Seasonal affective disorder can make living with depression or anxiety especially rough. Here are ways to manage mental health during the holidays.

Anti-Anxiety Medication Dangers in Orange County CA

Truth About Anti-Anxiety Meds

Theres a dangerous truth about anti-anxiety medication. Benzodiazepines aka "benzos" could eventually be your downfall if you're not careful. Learn more today!

Discussing Different Types of Addiction Treatment Options with a Psychologist in Orange County, California

Types of Addiction

Types of addiction can include substance abuse and behavioral addictions. Depending on the kind of addiction, different treatment options can be offerred.