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Why Choose Enhance Health Group's
Orange County Supported & Sober Living?

A crucial step of the recovery process for mental health will be assisted living. Sometimes the biggest obstacle for some to achieving long-term results is trying to dive right back into their life as it once was. Many people utilize assisted living to adjust to daily life, life’s daily challenges, and the feelings and emotions you get early in the process of healing.

An Orange County assisted living can help with this transition.

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National Accreditations


HIPPAColor Orange County Assisted Living

We are HIPAA compliant, which means everything you share is confidential.

Joint Commission Accredited

JointComission Orange County Assisted Living

Our programs are accredited by the Joint Commission—an independent, non-profit organization responsible for more than 20,000 health facilities in the US. 

Evidence-Based Practice

EBP Orange County Assisted Living

Our therapist use the latest in evidence-based treatment approach to ensure you have the most effective treatment possible.