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Mental Health is a complex topic and it affects everyone differently, though there are common issues individuals face. Browse Enhance Health Group’s  Mental Health blog to find information and tips that may be more relevant to you or your loved one.

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Navigating Through Depression in Relationships

Depression in Relationships Depression in relationships is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common in this day and age. Relationships with people who have depression are …

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How Can I Benefit from Therapy?

Here are Seven Benefits You Need to Know For some, therapy carries a stigma about it. Many often misunderstood what it is, and some may …

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Update: CDC reports Overdose Surge during Covid-19 Pandemic

Amid the pandemic, a growing public health concern looms over the horizon—receiving far less attention and funding as the country has focused its efforts on …

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Do I Need a Therapist?

Therapy – The treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means. Therapy has been known to help improve Symptoms of all sorts of Mental …

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