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It is estimated that in 2022, teen drug abuse will account for 11 percent of all deaths among teens in the United States. This statistic is based on the current trend of increasing drug use among teens. While the number of teen deaths from drug abuse has been declining since the early 2000s, it is still a significant problem. In 2017, there were 2,107 deaths from drug overdoses among adolescents aged 15-19. The most common drugs involved in these overdoses were opioids (such as fentanyl and heroin) and stimulants (such as cocaine and methamphetamine).


Teen drug abuse is a serious problem that can have lasting consequences. Teens who abuse drugs are more likely to experience academic problems, legal problems, and mental health problems than those who do not abuse drugs. They are also at increased risk for developing addictions later in life. If you know someone who is abusing drugs, get help right away. There are many resources available to help teens overcome their addiction and get their lives back on track.

How does PHP Treatment Work?

PHP treatment is a form of psychotherapy that uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to help people change their thinking and behavior patterns. The goal of PHP treatment is to help people learn new skills and strategies to cope with their problems so that they can improve their quality of life. 

PHP treatment usually lasts for 12 weeks, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the needs of the individual. During PHP treatment, people meet with their therapist once a week for 50-60 minutes. In addition to meeting with their therapist, people in PHP treatment also participate in weekly homework assignments and group activities. 

The first few weeks of PHP treatment are typically spent teaching people about how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected. People in PHP treatment learn about how their thoughts can influence their feelings and how their behaviors can impact their thoughts and feelings. They also learn about the role that genetics, environment, and past experiences play in shaping who they are today. 

After learning about these concepts, people in PHP treatment begin to work on changing their thinking and behavior patterns. They may practice relaxation techniques to help manage stress and anxiety, learn how to better deal with difficult emotions, set goals for themselves, and develop problem-solving skills. As people make progress in therapy, they may start to work on more difficult issues such as trauma or substance abuse.   PHP treatment is an effective way to help people make lasting changes in their lives. Research has shown

Family Participation

Teen hospitalization can be a difficult and trying time for both the patient and their family. There are many things to consider, such as the reason for hospitalization, the length of stay, treatment options and aftercare. It is important to have a support system in place, whether it be family, friends or a professional care team.  

The decision to hospitalize a teen is not one that is made lightly. There are many factors that contribute to the decision, such as the severity of the illness or injury, the need for 24-hour care and supervision, and whether outpatient treatment options have been exhausted. Once the decision has been made, it is important to work with the hospital staff to develop a treatment plan that meets the needs of the patient.

Hospitalization can be a stressful time for teens and their families. It is important to stay positive and keep communication open throughout the process.As the parent or guardian of a teen who is struggling with mental health issues, you may be wondering what role you can play in their treatment. Adolescent PHP is an option available to help your child get back on track.  

While it can be difficult to see your child struggling, it’s important to remember that they are not alone. In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adolescents experiences a mental health disorder.  Family participation is an important part of adolescent PHP. While your teen will be receiving professional help during treatment, they will also need support from home. As a parent or guardian, you can provide this support by

  • Encouraging your teen to attend all scheduled appointments and activities
  • Helping them stick to any treatment plan that is put in place
  • Listening to them and being supportive without judgment
  • Providing positive reinforcement for progress made during treatment

Why Is PHP For Teens Effective?

Teen PHP is an effective treatment for teenage mental health because it is specifically designed to address the unique needs of this population. The program focuses on helping teens develop healthy coping skills, improving communication and problem-solving abilities, and increasing self-esteem. Additionally, Teen PHP provides a supportive environment where teens can feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings. This allows them to process their emotions in a healthy way and learn how to cope with stressors in their lives.

What Teens Can Benefit From PHP Treatment

An adolescent partial hospitalization treatment program can provide your teen with the structure and support they need to heal from mental illness. These programs are typically short-term, and offer a more intensive level of care than outpatient therapy. During their time in the program, your teen will receive individualized treatment from a team of mental health professionals. They will also have the opportunity to participate in group therapy and activities, which can help them to learn new coping skills and build positive relationships.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Programs Goals

A structured therapeutic environment geared toward promoting healthy living is the goal of our Adolescent Partial Hospitalization program in Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide teenagers with the skills they need to cope with their challenges. We help them rebuild their lives by reintegrating them into their families, schools, and broader society.

Teen Inpatient Treatment

Eden by Enhance provides residential or inpatient treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Inpatient treatment for ADHD can include psychotherapy, medication management when needed, and holistic methods at the facility with 24/7 care. Treatment plans can be customized based on individual needs and diagnosis. 

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What Would Treatment Look Like ?


Monday , Wednesday and Friday . 



One on One weekly sessions with your own assigned therapist . 


Confidential group therapy with other adolescents . 

Adolescent Treatment in Orange County, CA

In light of the risks associated with adolescent drug and alcohol abuse, it’s important to ensure that they receive adequate treatment.  They may benefit from receiving professional attention by enrolling in an adolescent substance abuse program.  If you’re looking for alcohol and drug treatment for a teenager, the Enhance Health Group is an excellent starting point.  While at an adolescent substance abuse treatment center, teens can receive comprehensive services that can treat other underlying conditions.  The treatment programs can be valuable in uncovering mental disorders and medical, family, and academic issues that occur alongside addiction.